Maizuru Fisheries Research Station, Facility

4. Facilities

標本館1.Building of Specimen Storage (completed in January 1984): Approximately 300,000 specimens of 3,000 fish species are stored. The number of the specimens is the second largest in Japan. The majority of the specimens were collected by the late Dr. Kiyomatsu Matsubara, the first professor of the former Laboratory of Fisheries Biology, who established fish systematics in Japan. The building has a secretariat, a lecture room, a meeting room, professors’ rooms, laboratories, and storerooms.
Research equipment list (Building of Specimen Storage)
舞鶴水産実験所 研究棟2. Building of Research (completed in March 2002): Three laboratories for biological and chemical analysis and a workroom are located on the first floor. Six offices for professors, the captain, students, and visiting researchers are located on the second floor.
Research equipment list (Building of Research)
舞鶴水産実験所 飼育棟3. Building of Aquaculture (completed in March 2002): An indoor aquaculture space, four air-conditioned rooms, a laboratory, and a storeroom are included. Marine organisms are kept in filtered seawater, which is pumped up from the Maizuru Bay.
宿泊棟4. Building of Dormitory (completed in April 1984): Five guest rooms for students (lodging capacity: 40), three guest rooms for professors (lodging capacity: 6), a dining room, two bathrooms, and a laundry are included. Lunch and dinner are available when field training courses are held at the research station.
舞鶴水産実験所 工作棟5. Building of Workshops (completed in 1945): A work room, a storeroom, and a utility room are included. The building is used for preparation and maintenance of scientific equipment.
舞鶴水産実験所 緑洋丸6. Old Research Vessel Ryokuyo Maru (completed in March 1990): Her technical characters are as follows: hull, FRP; overall length, 16.5 m; gross tonnage, 18 t; 2 diesel engines of 370 hp; maximum speed, 21 kt; maximum capacity, 30 persons. She is used for field sampling in offshore waters and large-scale field training courses.
Onboard equipment list (Ryokuyo Maru)
New Ryokuyo-maru7. New Research Vessel Ryokuyo Maru (completed in December 2015): Her technical characters are as follows: hull, FRP; overall length, 17.7 m; gross tonnage, 14 t; diesel engine power, 734 hp; maximum speed, 20 kt; maximum capacity, 26 persons. She was built as a substitute for the old Ryokuyo Maru. The stern is equipped with a marine crane.
Environmental monitoring system Alec AAQ8. Observation Equipment:
The research station is equipped with environmental monitoring systems, data loggers, fishfinders, etc.
Observation equipment list
Van Dorn water sampler9. Sampling Equipment:
The research station is equipped with water samplers, bottom samplers, beam trawls, plankton nets, etc.
Sampling equipment list