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About Maizuru Fisheries Research Station

Maizuru Fisheries Research Station is one of the two marine stations of Field Science Education and Research Center of Kyoto University. A wide variety of education and research activities are conducted using scientific facilities such as research vessels and aquaculture systems.

Staff and Students

Specialties, careers, and achievements of the staff and students are listed. Information about former students includes results of their research activities and job-hunting.

Training Courses and Joint Researches

Maizuru Fisheries Research Station is a Joint Usage/Education Center. Five original training courses are open to all university students and four other training courses are held by external universities. Joint research projects with ten external universities are underway.

Students Wanted

Let’s study complex interactions between aquatic organisms and their environment in estuarine and coastal areas. Motivated students are always welcome to Maizuru Fisheries Research Station. ‘Learn from the sea: Connectivity of nature and humans’ is our motto.

Activity Reports

Maizuru Fisheries Research Station focuses on the ecology, physiology, ethology, and taxonomy of aquatic organisms. To clarify the interactions among forest, river, field and coastal ecosystems, the research station develops ‘Mori-Sato-Umi Renkangaku’, or the Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans.

Data and Repositories

Available contents include data from oceanographic and meteorological observation, an online database of fish specimens, documents concerning education and research, and photographs of aquatic organisms.


Let’s see the real face of Maizuru Fisheries Research Station. The latest information is available with vivid photographs.